Royal Palm Beach - Florida
Phone:  561-628-3749
Construction Management (New & Refit)

Through years of experience in the marine industry, our team knows what it takes to build a yacht.  We have
contacts at several shipyards, as well as an understanding of vendor and subcontractor capabilities.  
Planning, scheduling, and quality labor are all essential components of a pleasurable yacht building
experience.  For many clients, TIME is the one thing they cannot buy.  Our experiences will help your project
to be delivered on time and on budget.
Repair & Retrofit

Envision Marine Technology LLC's repair and retrofit services are provided for the owner/operators of small
pleasure craft.  We are well versed in system installation, fiberglass repair, interior retrofit, and general
maintenance items.  If you are in need of large scale repairs or retrofit services, we can arrange and manage
these at one of our preferred boatyards.
Marine Services