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Production Planning

Up-front design and bill of materials development are the first major steps of any production plan.  Through
the design process, we see the way systems must be coordinated within the confines of the vessel.  
Assembly processes, production phasing, and cycle times can all be extrapolated from the vessel design.  
Envision Marine Technology LLC provides detailed sequencing and estimated production times for clients

Whether you are involved in new construction or repair and refit services, our production planning will
contribute to the success of your project.  Production phasing, material delivery dates, resource allocations
etc., may be included as an integral part of the Production Plan.  The amount of information included in the
Production Plan is dictated by client needs.  In general, highly detailed production plans tend to be more
realistic than those with limited information.

Envision Marine Technology LLC will develop Production Plans as an extension of our design services, or
based on information supplied to us by the client.  Design reviews, vessel inspections, production team
"interviews" and a clear understanding of client objectives, assist us in developing a plan that will meet the
needs of all involved.

The use of project planning software enables us to review critical path items, and monitor scheduled
activities.  In addition to detailed task listings, the software provides graphical output, making it easy to review
project status at-a-glance.