Royal Palm Beach - Florida
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Computer Aided Design

Envision Marine Technology LLC uses the latest 2 & 3
dimensional computer modeling software for vessel
design.  Whether you require an individual component
drawing or a complete vessel design, we are here to assist
you.  Drawings and 3 dimensional models can be provided
for use with CNC Machining or Water Jet Cutting.  Concept
images and Photo-Realistic renderings can be produced
for client review.

Our staff has years of hands on experience with a variety
of engineering software packages.  We can provide 2D
construction documentation, CNC nestings, etc..  Our
detailed construction documentation generally includes
system schematics, essential assembly details, and a
general bill of materials.  Nestings are configured for
material optimization and parts are individually labeled.  
Your tooling shop will simply set the tool path, and prepare
the machine for the cutting process.  Machine cut parts are
usually more precise, less expensive, and available in a
fraction of the time it would take to cut this material
manually.  Machine cut components greatly reduce
"tolerance issues" and lead to more efficient production.

Complete 3D models provide surfaces for tooling, precise
equipment locations and systems routings.  The use of 3D
computer modeling can eliminate hours of wasted
production time.  We build prototypes in the computer, so
you can reduce or eliminate full scale mock-ups and some
of the "trial and error" construction associated with
prototype development.

Concept designs and "photo-realistic" renderings allow our
clients to see the final product before the first component
is ever fabricated.  Design renderings provide an
opportunity for the client to review the look and "feel" of
the vessel prior to construction, giving them an opportunity
to make design modifications without the expense of
construction re-work.