Royal Palm Beach - Florida
Phone:  561-628-3749
Envision Marine Technology LLC is a multi-faceted marine
services company.  Through formal education and experience
gained during years of service in the marine industry, we have
acquired the knowledge and skills required take projects from
concept to completion.

We offer a wide range of services to production builders, custom
builders, naval architects, marine engineers, stylists, industrial
designers, interior designers, refit yards, tooling shops, furniture
manufacturers, marine component manufacturers, private clients,
and others.

The core of our business is two and three dimensional computer
design.  T
hese highly detailed designs may be used as a basis for
bill of materials development, production planning and construction

We build virtual prototypes using blocks of components - a custom
hull, a standard engine, a custom interior, a standard windlass...
These components come together to make the final product.  We
generate the BOM while we're developing the design.  We
export component listings and insert them into your preferred format.

In many cases, the computer models show us how to build the
highest quality product while using the most efficient construction
methods.  Construction sequencing, system coordination, and
approximate labor allocations can all be derived form our computer

Because we "build" the vessel in the computer, we have an intimate
understanding of the design and construction requirements
, and are
able to assist you as needed.

Envision Marine Technology LLC provides individual and "bundled"
services.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss all marine related
projects and provide assistance whenever possible.

Most projects may be conducted on a fixed price or hourly basis.  A
fixed price allows our clients to see the total cost up front, while
hourly billing gives greater project flexibility.

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